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Garage door springs are the true magic of the garage door. The garage door springs make the operation of the garage door smooth and easy. Sometimes these springs need to be replaced because of breakage and normal use over time. The garage door spring in under tension most of its life so the daily operation of the garage door opening and closing several times a day will eventually lead to breakage of a spring or the loss of lifting capacity. So the garage door springs should be replaced from time to time because of wear and tear and constant opening and closing.

There are two types of garage door springs:

Garage​ ​Door​ ​Springs

Sectional Garage door springs are torsion springs. The torsion springs make it possible to lift a sectional garage door with ease. The springs are often fitted in pairs but larger garage doors may have 3 or 4 torsion springs depending on the weight of the garage door. The torsion springs are mounted on a torsion pole or pipe located above the garage door on the lentil. The springs are usually in the center but can also be off to one side or the other depending on the space available for them. The typical lifespan of a spring is on average 8 - 12 years. A new spring is guaranteed for 10000 cycles which is about 6 years. It is not uncommon to see a spring last as long as 14 years. Spring life is reflected on just how busy a homeowner is and how often the garage door is used.

Over time the garage door spring loses tensile strength and metal fatigue from stretching causes the garage door spring to break. A broken garage door spring is a common occurrence. When it happens Auckland Garage Door Repairs’ standard practise is to replace all the garage door springs. The reason for this is because all of the spring are of the same vintage and a broken garage door spring usually has a partner spring that is the same age and could break in the near future if it is not replaced. We recommend that you keep all your garage door springs the same age. This is the most cost effective approach and you will avoid further call out costs and you will be confident that when all the springs are renewed you will have 8 to 12 years of trouble free use.

A properly balanced garage door can add years of life to your garage door motor. Many people think that the motor lifts the garage door. This is not the case. It is the springs that do most of the work to open your garage door. A correct calculation of spring size is required in relation to the weight and height of the garage door. A garage door is properly balance when it can remain in one position when it is opened to the halfway position. If the door will not sit in the halfway position but falls closed then it is improperly balanced. The door must also be able to remain fully open by itself without falling to the closed position. If your garage door is closing from these positions then the springs need to be adjusted or replaced.

Please note: Sectional garage door torsion springs are under great tension if you have a broken spring don’t try to repair it yourself! Not understanding how the torsion system works and attempting to repair the broken spring yourself could lead to injury. Do not try to used the door until the broken torsion spring is repaired as the door cables can unravel putting the door on an angle or jamming it in an awkward position in the opening.

Garage​ ​Door​ ​Springs

On either side of a Tilt Garage Door there is a spring fitted to counterbalance the garage door when opening and closing the door. Large tilt garage doors may have larger springs or may be fitted with two spring on each side.

The life expectancy of a tilt spring is anywhere from two to twenty years depending on the load they are lifting and the frequency of use.

Please be aware that tilt door springs are dangerous when they break and due to metal fatigue they will break eventually. There is no way of assessing when they will break but it is advisable that you do not stand next to a spring when the door is opening or closing.

We recommend that both springs be changed at the same time. This is due to the fact that the unbroken spring is likely to break in the near future as well.

Normally there is additional adjustment required when tilt springs are replaced.